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There is a lot of talent out there!

With so many qualified and talented individuals looking for new roles due to the current pandemic, now is a great opportunity to look for talent. While it is understandable that some companies are pausing their recruiting efforts, this unique time presents you with a great opportunity to evaluate your recruiting needs and the type of talent that will best fit in your organization.   

Internal teams can and should use this time to take a step back and observe and measure the efficiencies and effectiveness of their team and their processes. Ask for feedback, ideas and suggestions from your recruiting team and hiring managers that can help to strengthen your recruiting infrastructure.  Learn from each other. Take note what is working and uncover what may be missing. Use this time and the steps necessary to define your team culture and values. Build a stronger team through camaraderie, connecting with each other, and figuring out your needs.  Apply these outcomes to your hiring process to ensure you are hiring the right fit for your organization. We are navigating an unprecedented time and we all have the opportunity to come out of this stronger and wiser.

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