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The Importance of Recruiting Marketing

Long gone are the days of the ‘post and pray’ for your job openings where the unicorn candidate will see the job posting in their local newspaper, eagerly run to your office door, throw themselves at your feet and beg for a chance to work for your company. 9 times out of 10, it won't happen that way. So, how do you become that 1 time out of 10? Or, how do you create a constant flow of qualified candidates that enthusiastically apply to your job postings within the first few days of being live? Create and identify your Recruitment Marketing Strategy.

You have one whether you know it or not, so why not be proactive about outlining a strategy? Basically, Recruitment Marketing is how you market and showcase your ‘Employer Brand’, as well as getting the right message in front of the right candidates at the right time when it comes to recruitment. Driving interest to your company from potential candidates’ builds a pool of high-quality candidates for open positions or future openings. The key is to find the right balance between chasing candidates when you have open roles to attracting talent that drives them to apply for your open positions.

Most likely, some time and energy has been spent on identifying your ‘employer brand’ – as it is a combination of reputation, mission, vision, work environment, culture, and benefits/perks of working for the company. Pieces of this may have come from your public relations and marketing department used to market your products or services, as well as from core values that may have created a base and foundation for your mission, vision and culture. Pulling both of these areas further into the recruitment function takes collaboration and coordination across the board.

Identifying and strengthening the company’s recruitment strategy could look like:

  • Working with your marketing department to add a section in your media blasts to include your careers page, hot jobs you are working to fill, and storytelling that brings awareness to your employer brand

  • Review your job postings – making sure they are clear and attractive, include details about work environment, benefits, special perks, or unique activities your company holds

  • Take ownership of your social media presence that may have an impact on recruiting – Glassdoor, Indeed, etc. – answering questions, providing details and mirroring content you can find on your careers page

  • Identify your ideal candidate profile/persona – who is your target audience, what behaviors do they display, what skills or traits will they bring with them to the job, what values will they have that align with your core values/mission

  • Use creative content to increase engagement – storytelling of your currently employees’ favorite benefits or the top hobbies your employees have outside of work, non-standard marketing material to be used at job fairs, relevant and trending use of memes on the right channels, updating your messaging to fit the platform

Even taking small steps to proactively think about your recruiting marketing is important. Think about the time it took to build your sales marketing strategy or your mission/visions/values documentation. Shouldn’t you be putting in the same or more effort into growing the team that moves that mission forward?

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