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Why Onboarding is Important and How to Create a Positive Experience

Congrats! You’ve found the perfect fit, a qualified candidate who has accepted your job offer. But now what? Studies show that 22% of people leave their new job within the first 45 days if not provided with a “positive onboarding experience.” But what should this process look like? Is it possible to create a welcoming experience for everyone? At TalentRemedy, we think that answer is yes. Add these practices to your onboarding experience to make sure that your new hires are here to stay.

Time It Right

Be thoughtful about when to onboard a new team member. Having a new hire start over the holidays or right before their manager goes out on scheduled leave is often not a good choice. Your new employee may feel left out of the team and their onboarding is not a priority. These feelings so early in their experience with your company may not bode well for retention. The average cost of a new hire is around $4,000; the right timing helps safeguard that investment for your company.

Make it Personal

Take some time to get to know your new hire. It’s essential to foster an inclusive, caring culture from day one, and this can be a great start. Ask about their family, hobbies, and interests so you can recall this information later to show that you care. Better yet, use this information while making introductions to the rest of the team, noting if they share commonalities. It is important to treat your new hires and employees with respect and care, realizing that they are more than their job title and description. Caring for them as a whole person will go a long way not only during the onboarding process but also for retention, workplace culture, and positive feelings towards their job in general.

Create a People-Focused Plan

Of course, there will be less glamorous parts to onboarding a new hire. For example, the required paperwork and information sessions. However, do not lose sight of the fact that onboarding is an experience, as opposed to a process. The way that your new hire experiences the company in the first few days is pivotal to their feelings of job satisfaction which can be a big factor in their decision to stay. Make sure you prepare your current team to set aside time when introductions are being made, you’re taking the time to listen to their questions and needs, and giving them space to settle in.

Form an Onboarding Committee

Welcoming and training a new employee should not fall only on the shoulders of the new hire’s direct manager. It takes a village. That village should include those experienced in training new hires as well as include multiple departments. This is extremely helpful to the new hire, who now has contacts across the company. Your new hire will feel comfortable going to these contacts with questions and it takes a huge load off the direct manager who now shares the responsibility of welcoming someone new to the company. This type on onboarding will also show that your company values the team, something many people desire in a new job.

Virtual Tips:

Does your company do virtual onboarding? In our post-covid world, many people are opting for remote working positions. However, a positive onboarding process is still very important, it will just look a little different. Use video calls to make introductions where face-to-face interaction can create a personal experience. Consider taking a trip to the post office. Send your new hire some company gear or even a welcome letter. This will make them feel part of a cohesive team where they know that they are being thought of and their onboarding is a priority. Virtual happy hours or “get to know you” sessions with the team are another great way to extend the culture of the company through technology tools (Zoom, Teams, etc.).

Above all, make the process friendly, positive and welcoming. Nothing says “we are so happy you are here” better than saying it! First impressions matter. Statistics support this, so make sure your new hires experience your company at its best from the beginning.

Wondering if your current onboarding process is positive and effective? Our team of experts is ready to help you develop a plan to make sure your new hires are here to stay. Contact us at or 703-362-0175 to set up a time to speak with one of our experts.


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