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Have Hard to Fill Tech Jobs? 5 Reasons You Need a Technical Recruiter

The competition for tech employees is fierce. Talented tech workers have lots of choices and you want your company to be top of their list. Organizations can no longer post a job and have a large candidate pool from which to choose. Smart employers are looking for ways to attract tech talent and show them all their company has to offer. That’s where a skilled technical recruiter can help.

A technical recruiter is a professional who understands technical positions. Most have spent many years building expertise and networks of candidates. Many organizations make the mistake of thinking that technical recruiters only source candidates through job postings, resume databases, and professional networking sites such as LinkedIn. However, a good technical recruiter can do so much more. At TalentRemedy, here are some of the ways our technical recruiters help fill those tech roles fast.

1. Insider Perspective

The goal is to have a thorough understanding of the technical skills and experience required for your roles as well as your company culture. Your recruiter will meet with the hiring manager and other stakeholders. This ensures the recruiter and the hiring manager have a shared understanding of the job requirements, address any potential challenges, and are aligned on the company’s message and culture. A thorough understanding of the job helps the technical recruiter effectively screen candidates and identify the most qualified professionals for the job.

2. Recruiting Strategy

Technical Recruiters can provide strategies based on their industry knowledge for the talent search. Having a strong strategy is an invaluable opportunity to make sure you and your team are well-prepared and ready to find the right talent to add to your team and company. They will know how to find candidates outside of the obvious places. Tech recruiters can also proactively reach out to passive candidates who are not currently looking but are open to learning about something new.

3. Appealing Job Postings

Tech candidates are selective about which opportunities to pursue. A technical recruiter can provide valuable insight into the skills and experience needed for the role, as well as the company’s culture and values. They will also ensure the job posting accurately reflects the position and the company’s needs. The job posting should give candidates a good understanding of any challenges to solve, share why the work matters, and more.

4. Industry and Market Knowledge

Tech recruiters spend time networking at industry events and conferences. This not only gives them a valuable way to connect with technical professionals but also keeps them on top of what’s going on in the industry. A technical recruiter can provide insight into the current job market, including the types of candidates that are in demand and the salary ranges for similar positions.

5. Efficient and Effective Screening

Your recruiter can provide valuable advice on how to best prepare your team to interview candidates for the open job. They can work with you to develop questions as well as provide guidance on your interview process. Tech candidates have lots of opportunities so keep your cycle as short as possible. Too many interviews are a turnoff. Communicate with candidates after every step so they know exactly where they are in the process. Finally, a tech recruiter knows how to negotiate salaries and other employment terms and can help you with this as well.

When you partner with a technical recruiter, you save a lot of time and money hiring the best talent for your team. The end result is reducing your cost to hire, attracting the right talent, building your team carefully, lowering attrition, and delivering the best quality products to your users.

Is filling your technical positions taking longer than you’d like? Our team of technical recruiters is ready to help. Contact us at or 703-362-0175 to set up a time to speak with one of our experts.


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