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GovCon Recruiting 101

When it comes to the government contractor sector, you cannot hire just anyone. GovCon recruiting, hiring, and onboarding require special attention to detail to guarantee that you are filling employment opportunities with the most qualified, top-notch applicants. Here are four tips and tricks to help you with your search for the right candidate.

1. Advertise your culture

Creating a positive company culture in today’s job market is incredibly important. Applicants are in the driver seat when it comes to picking where they would like to work and invest their skills. This is even more important in the GovCon sector where there can be little or no difference in pay and benefits. The biggest thing that will set your GovCon business apart from others is the culture and environment you provide. If you can show a prospective GovCon employee that you have a positive culture, you are much more likely to get that candidate to join your team. The culture of a company is a reflection on how much the leadership cares for its staff. While this doesn’t directly translate into contracts and sales, there is a strong correlation between the success of a company and the staff enjoyment and productivity.

2. Ensure that the job is clearly defined

A well thought out and transparent description of the role you are trying to fill is a necessity for finding the best quality candidate. An employer expects a resume from any candidate wishing to be considered for a job; a clear and honest list of the person’s work experience, achievements and skills. Similarly, an applicant wants a thorough and well-defined description of the job in which they are applying. Everything from the requirements, challenges and responsibilities to the salary, benefits, and expectations should be prepared and provided to the candidate. This is especially important in the GovCon sector because of the unique requirements that usually come with the role, such as background screening and security clearance.

3. Understand the hiring market

It is imperative that you understand the state of the general hiring market and are prepared for the challenges this may pose when looking to bring new talent into your company. This is especially true for GovCon companies who draw talent from a smaller pool of candidates than other industries. There are a few essential items to be aware of with the ever-evolving hiring market if you plan on doing your own recruiting. First, in-demand skills. Candidates that possess these skills will be in a more competitive position and therefore are highly sought after and may have multiple offers. Second, flexibility. Think hybrid or remote working. If this is something that your company cannot provide it should be clearly stated in the job description so that you gather a pool of candidates that are the right fit. Finally, salary expectations. It is important to have an idea of what candidates desire with regards to their income. Possessing the ability to match salaries and benefits will improve your chances of securing top talent. Knowledge is power when it comes to recruiting. You want to make sure that your knowledge base is strong and accurate when filling positions.

4. Consider Outsourcing

Your time and money are a valuable commodity in today’s world, you may want to consider leaving the recruiting to a company with unique and specialized skills aimed at securing top talent. At TalentRemedy we have a skilled set of talent acquisition specialists that follow today’s trends and keep our clients competitive in the hiring market. We understand your company’s unique needs and match candidates not only by the accolades and skills listed on their resume, but also the way they would mesh with your current team and company culture. The benefits to choosing TalentRemedy doesn’t end with just finding a quality candidate for your open roles - we will save you money too. With our unique recruiting model we typically save our clients 40-50% of what you’d pay on direct hire fees. Choosing to use our services; whether it be contract wins, surge hiring needs, RFP support or corporate positions, will make filling open roles an easier and more streamlined process that allows you to focus on growing your business.

Recruiting for GovCons can be difficult, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Putting into action the tips covered above can simplify filling open roles at your company. To make it even easier, simply contact us today! We would love to help you with any and all of your recruiting needs.

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