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Why working with a GovCon Recruiting Firm can help you hire fast!

GovCon recruiting is also known as government contracting recruiting. When it comes to the government contractor sector, you cannot hire just anyone. GovCon recruiting requires special attention to detail to guarantee that you are filling employment opportunities with the most qualified, top-notch applicants. Starting your search with a firm that has GovCon recruiting experience can save your company valuable time, and in some cases, the position on the contract.

Only experienced GovCon recruiting firms will be able to complete a comprehensive search quickly. GovCon recruiting has some key differences compared to traditional recruiting searches. In comparison to a traditional search, there are unique factors to consider when recruiting for GovCon roles. Your recruiting partner will need to be prepared to ask and answer questions that are different from traditional searches. They will also need an overall strategy that only experienced GovCon recruiting firms will have the knowledge to navigate. Here are a few ways in which GovCon recruiting may differ:

Where does the hiring company fit within the contract?

Before you can begin recruiting for a GovCon role, you must identify where the hiring company fits within the contract. Within every government contract there are prime contractors, and at times, sub-prime contractors. The hiring company might be the prime contractor, or it could be a sub-prime contractor. They could also be a company that provides support services to either. Knowing this key piece of information is important because companies that are working on the same contract cannot hire each other’s employees.

Does the position require a security clearance?

Many times, GovCon roles will require candidates to have or obtain a security clearance. If so, there are specific questions that you will need answers to before you can begin your search. You will need to know what level clearance the contract requires. You will want to ask your client if they will consider interim clearances or if candidates will need an active clearance on day one. At times, the hiring company might be willing to clear candidates that are eligible, but currently do not hold a clearance. This can make a position very desirable for candidates that are interested in obtaining a clearance.

Do you know where to search for GovCon talent?

Many of the traditional job boards and networking groups will not have the right kind of talent when recruiting for GovCon positions. There are specialized career networking sites for those with federal government clearances and those that hire in this space. There are also focused networking groups for cleared professionals and those that are searching for their next contract. In addition, firms that specialize in GovCon recruiting have a large network of talent to reach out to when a new role opens.

Do you have the answers to the questions candidates will ask?

Candidates that are used to working as government contractors have different questions than those that have never worked in this space. They will ask contract specific questions such as:

  • How many years remain on the contract?

  • Is there an option for the company to extend the contract?

  • Has the company successfully won the recompete for this contract before? When was the last time was the contract up for a recompete?

They may also inquire about working as an independent contractor in a C2C (Corp to Corp) working arrangement. Government contractors at times form their own LLC and they want to enter into a partnership with the hiring company. Therefore, they are looking to negotiate an hourly rate for their services rather than a salary with benefits.

Do you understand the contract specific requirements for the position?

DOD has 8570 Baseline Certifications requirements that might be listed on a contract. Some contracts might specify accredited university requirements that candidates must meet. Others will have specific technologies and the minimum years of experience using that technology that a candidate must have. Making sure you have access to these very specific requirements, which are not always detailed in the job description, will be vital to your search and making sure you find candidates that are qualified for consideration. These requirements will be black and white. Candidates will need to meet the minimum requirements, or they will not be a fit for the position, according to the contract.

Partnering with a firm that is experienced in GovCon recruiting ensures a professional experience for both your company, your government client, and your soon to be new hires.

Questions about GovCon hiring? TalentRemedy has a team of experts ready to help you find the right candidates and the experience to help you fill those open roles. Contact us at or 703-362-0175 to set up a time to discuss how our team can support you.


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