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When is it time to consider outsourcing recruiting?

Government contractors have a unique challenge in maintaining the ability to quickly scale headcount up and down as contracts, new awards, RFP, IDIQ, and backfills require. This is both stressful and expensive for any business to manage. Outsourcing all or part of the recruiting process is a great opportunity for government contractors to handle this challenge effectively. 

The benefits include: 

  • Cost-effective scalable solution: Outsourced recruiting provides the opportunity to seamlessly and effectively scale up and down as your recruiting needs ebb and flow without adding headcount or expensive tools.

  • Let us focus on the recruiting while you focus on hiring: Give your staff the relief of the heavy lifting in recruiting and let them focus on candidate care, interviewing and on-boarding for a faster and efficient process. 

  • Time Efficient: Recruiting is labor intensive. Hiring experts who understand how to build strategy and where to recruit saves you valuable time and money. 

  • Metrics: Learn about your recruiting process through metrics. Weekly metrics provide the opportunity to better understand time to hire, cost of hire and expose inefficiency in the process.

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