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Reinventing how we interview: video interviewing tips for hiring managers

As business continues to evolve during the pandemic, virtual and video interviewing has now become common place in the hiring process.  Video interviewing enables talent acquisition teams and hiring managers to use digital technology to conduct candidate interviews. 

Here are some tips for video interviewing:

  • Process: For a positive and thoughtful interview experience, set up an easy to follow professional process and test that it works. Communicate it to the hiring managers/team, recruiting team and candidates to ensure everyone understands the process. This includes having an agenda, interview questions and next steps for candidates. 

  • Technology: There are several options for technologies that are free or inexpensive. These include Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and several others.  Always test the technology prior to the interview including internet connection, sound and video. There are free virtual backgrounds that can be customized.

  • Professionalism: Dress professionally for the interview, eliminate distractions and background noise as it would be in a typical office environment. Be personable, engaging and make the candidate feel comfortable.

  • Be Patient: This is a new norm and things are not always going to go as planned so be flexible. 

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