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Preparing to Staff Contract Awards

Each year come August when people are taking vacations and getting ready for a return to school, most government contractors are in heavy proposal writing mode. They are finalizing task orders for the current fiscal year and preparing for the proposals that will come out for an October award. The most important sections of all RFPs are L, M and N. The cost and staffing sections are some of the most frustrating and important reading during the proposal decision process.  

The best way to make the process work for your firm is to have Recruiting and HR involved in the proposal staffing process from the beginning. A strategy that combines the current talent strengths of your firm, a critical reading of the RFP requirements and a solid pipeline review of the current market can help with the bid/no bid decision and also the budget for bidding the proposal. 

The main hires, the Key Personnel, typically need to be included in the proposal and many times are a mix of current and contingent hires. The make up of the team and the supporting personnel are typically mostly contingent hires who need to sign an LOI or LOC as part of the submission process. As many small firms who are competing for work can attest, having the right strategy, tools and partners on your team make all the difference in the bidding, submission and award process. 

The right partner can help with not only the pipe-lining, pre-screening and selection of candidates but can assist in getting resumes in a matrix-ed format, having the LOI/LOC filled out and keeping your candidates engaged throughout the bidding and award process.  

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