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Prep for Success: Engage Your Intern/New Hire Before Graduation Day!

So, your rockstar intern has accepted your offer for a full-time position and will start after graduation. What happens in the meantime? How do you keep him/her excited about their new role and your company? Does it matter? Absolutely! You have invested time, energy, and resources for your new employee so it’s in both of your best interests to stay connected with them through their first day of work.  

Here are 5 ways to stay engaged with your new employee: 


1. Send Them Swag 

People — and especially students — love swag! Sending your new employee some swag is a great way to welcome them to your team and get them excited about their first “official” job. Adding a welcome note from their soon-to-be Manager or the CEO is an easy way to let them know that they are important to the company.  


2. Include Them in Company Events  

Whether it’s a community service event or an informal lunch, coffee, or happy hour, invite your new employee to join you if they’re local. If they’re in another location, invite them to informal virtual gatherings, lunch & learns, or any seminars/meetings that your team is hosting.  


3. Communicate Regularly 

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), ongoing communication and including your new employee ahead of their first day are key to keeping your new employee excited and up-to-date on your organization. Sending a newsletter that highlights events & updates them on what’s happening in the organization and/or scheduling a regular coffee or lunch video chat so your new employee can start to meet the team and ask questions will help your new employee feel like they’re already part of the team. 


4. Let Them Know You Care 

Your new employee is still in school so they’re managing their classes, other commitments, and exams. Show your new employee that you care by sending them a care package for final exams. Include a note wishing them good luck on their exams and have it signed by people on the team. It doesn’t have to be big but shows that you’re thinking of them and understand the pressure they’re under as they finish their education. 


5. Share the First Day Schedule 

 New employees appreciate knowing what their first day of work is going to look like so letting them know in advance will not only ease their first day jitters but will also build excitement and enhance your relationship with your new employee, according to 360Learning. Ahead of their start date, send them the schedule and let them know what to expect on their first day. Forward the paperwork that needs to be completed, start the process of getting them set up on the network, and send calendar invites for meetings and activities happening in the first few days. If you have multiple people starting around the same time, consider hosting a coffee or lunch for the group so they can get to know each other before they start. Your preboarding efforts will ensure that your new employee has a smooth first day and start in their new position. 


Your Intern-Now-New Hire wants to hear from you ahead of their first day and to feel like they’re part of the team. By staying engaged and connected with your new employee, you will create excitement and begin fostering a solid working relationship, which will help them be happier and ultimately more successful in their new role. Consistent communication throughout the months leading up to their first day of work will help ensure that your new employee has a smooth transition into the workplace and truly feels like they’re part of the team. You’ve already invested a lot in your new employee so it’s worth taking a few extra steps to ensure that they remain enthusiastic and committed to their new role with your organization. Effective preboarding doesn’t have to be hard and will have a significant impact on your new employee’s mindset as they start their new position. Start the process now and reap the benefits this summer.  


Ready to welcome your interns to full-time roles on your team? TalentRemedy has a team of experts to perform consultative and recruiting services. Contact us at or 703-362-0175 to set up a time to discuss how our team can support you.        




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