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Hiring Gen Z: What Actually Attracts This Generation to Your Workplace? (Part 2)

If time was a stage play, next up on the screen write would be: Enter Gen Z.

They are soon to become the future of your organization, currently making up 27% of the total US population. And even if you don’t plan to make any Gen Z hires, they are soon to shift the needs, productivity, and success of your organization as they lead the charge on becoming the “largest cohort of consumers.” They represent a shift in the way employees have been raised, what they have been exposed to prior to starting their careers, and what they prioritize in a new job.

Gen Z’s fast paced upbringing on the internet and social media can seem daunting to some hiring managers, so you may be wondering how you can impact your organization’s future in hiring these candidates. In Part 2 of this series, you can find ways that can influence your shift towards a positive outcome in the hiring of this new generation in the workforce. You can make your job positions desirable to this generation and TalentRemedy is here to help!

1.Offer a flexible work environment.

Gen Z wants to work remotely and with flexible hours. They want to meet the requirements of getting the job done while also enjoying the sunshine by working outside or from the comfort of their own home. They want to meet up with their colleagues at coffee shops and not in office spaces. They also have no problem saying “No” to things they do not want to do. Gone are the days of it being desirable to work in an office from 9-5 plus overtime with a commute on top. Gen Z wants flexibility and prioritizes that there is more to life than working. If your job cannot offer remote work, lots of times this generation is okay with declining your offer in search of a job that will.

2.Communicate often using multiple channels.

Overall, Gen Z prefers communication styles that are fast, efficient, and technology-driven. Employers can take advantage of these preferences to improve communication and collaboration with their younger employees. Consider adapting texting or Instant Messaging platforms like Slack, WhatsApp, or Microsoft Teams to keep your team connected. They feel more comfortable and natural communicating in this way, rather than through phone calls or in-person meetings. Gen Z is also more likely to prefer video conferencing or video calls over phone calls. They appreciate the ability to see and read body language and facial expressions. Gen Z often uses emojis and memes to convey tone and emotion in their communication. Using these visual aids can help prevent miscommunication and add some personality to the conversation.

3.Offer stability.

While Gen Z isn’t afraid to quit a job or “job hop”, they do value stability in their work. However, “stable” and “stagnant” are not interchangeable. Being teenagers during the Great Recession in 2008 means that they may have been the products of layoffs; they want to grow, but in a job where they feel secure.

4.Get creative and be honest in an offer.

Maybe you need someone onsite full-time, or maybe your salary isn’t as high as a competitors – to Gen Z it isn’t all about the money or the benefits. According to a survey done by Yahoo News, 71% of Gen Zers said they would take a pay cut to do “meaningful work” and 43% said that their long-term career goals are to “make the world a better place”. Transparency surrounding an offer and a background on your company’s mission could go a long way in making an offer competitive.

By understanding and addressing what Gen Z looks for in an employer, companies can attract top talent from this innovative and tech-savvy generation.

Questions about Gen Z in your workplace? TalentRemedy has a team of experts to perform consultative and recruiting services. We can help you design Gen Z friendly work environments to help you fill those open roles. Contact us at or 703-362-0175 to set up a time to discuss how our team can support you.


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