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Are you Tapping into Overlooked Talent? Welcoming Stay-at-Home Moms Back to Work

By Catherine Rayner


Many stay-at-home moms (SAHMs) have valuable skills that are in demand in the workforce. These skills fit well for roles like project management and delegation. But, these talented individuals often face difficulties reentering the workforce. Perceived skill gaps and outdated experience often cause employers to overlook them. In this blog post, we'll explore the value of SAHMs' skills for project management and delegation. We’ll also share ways companies can attract them back to the workforce by helping them refresh their skills. 

The Value of SAHMs Skills 


SAHMs develop a wide range of skills during their career break. These include multitasking, time management, organization, and communication. Project management and delegation roles need effective coordination and communication. SAHMs excel in multitasking and time management. They also have exceptional problem-solving abilities honed through navigating the complexities of family life. Often overlooked is their adeptness in conflict resolution and negotiation. These two skills make them invaluable assets in project management roles. Their innate empathy and patience foster strong team dynamics. Essential skills for enhancing collaboration and productivity in the workplace. 


Challenges SAHMs Face When Reentering the Workforce

Despite their valuable skills, SAHMs often face challenges when reentering the workforce. Concerns about outdated experience, lack of confidence, and the need to balance work and family responsibilities can deter them from pursuing new opportunities. 


How Companies Can Attract SAHMs 


Here are a few ways to attract SAHMs back to the workforce: 


  • Offer flexible work arrangements, such as part-time, remote, or flexible hours. Flexible scheduling options, such as compressed workweeks or job sharing are other options. These arrangements help SAHMs accommodate their family responsibilities while ensuring optimal productivity.  

  • Re-entry training programs or internships tailored for SAHMs. These are valuable opportunities to update their skills and gain recent experience. 

  • Showcase your family-friendly company culture! Show you value work-life balance and support employees with families. This can help attract and retain SAHMs.  

  • Provide comprehensive benefits packages that address childcare needs. Offer opportunities for career advancement demonstrate a commitment to supporting SAHMs throughout their professional journey. 


Supporting SAHMs in Refreshing Their Skills 


To help SAHMs refresh their skills, companies can offer training programs, workshops, or online courses. These courses could be in project management, delegation, and other relevant areas. Provide mentoring or coaching opportunities to help them transition back into the workforce and build confidence. Encourage networking and professional development activities to help them stay updated with industry trends and practices. 


SAHMs possess valuable skills that are essential for project management and delegation roles. By offering flexible work arrangements and support for skill refreshment, companies can attract and retain this talented pool of individuals.  


Does your company want to tap into this talent pool? Consider implementing strategies to attract and support SAHMs as they return to the workforce. At TalentRemedy, we specialize in helping companies recruit diverse and talented individuals. Our team of experts provides consultative and recruiting services. Contact us at or 703-362-0175 to set up a time to learn more about how our team can support your hiring needs. 


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