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6 Reasons Nonprofit Hiring Is a Challenge and How to Overcome Them

We're diving into the unique world of nonprofit recruitment in this 2-part blog series. To attract top talent and achieve organizational success, nonprofits must understand the nuances of recruiting in their sector. We’ll define a nonprofit organization and what makes them different from other sectors. We'll also cover why nonprofits require a tailored recruiting strategy. In Series 2, we’ll highlight those strategies with some examples to help a nonprofit organization attract the right people.

What is a nonprofit? Nonprofits are dedicated to a social cause, driven by a mission to create positive societal impact rather than make a profit. Whether it's education and healthcare, environmental conservation, or social justice, they tackle a wide range of issues.

There are other elements that make each one unique as well. Standard recruiting approaches used in other sectors may not effectively address these needs and challenges. Below is a list of some of these nuances and how a tailored strategy can help.

1. Nonprofits are driven by their missions. Finding candidates who deeply resonate with the organization's purpose is important. Using a strategy that helps to identify individuals who genuinely align with the nonprofit's core values and are committed to furthering its cause will be key.

2. Nonprofits can have limited budgets. This requires some creativity. Strategies that emphasize the non-monetary benefits, such as opportunities for personal growth and making a meaningful impact, are necessary to attract candidates despite financial constraints.

3. Nonprofits can cover a wide range of missions, projects, and roles – each requiring specific skillsets and expertise. There are strategies we can use that will identify candidates with the right combination of skills and experiences to address your nonprofit's unique challenges.

4. Nonprofit candidates often evaluate the organization as much as the organization evaluates them. We can tailor the recruiting process to showcase the nonprofit's impact, culture, and work environment to help attract candidates who are genuinely invested in the organization's mission.

5. Nonprofits often build relationships with volunteers and interns who have already demonstrated dedication to the cause. A customized strategy leverages these existing pipelines to identify potential hires who are already familiar with the nonprofit's mission and values.

6. Nonprofit boards frequently play a role in the recruitment process, especially for leadership positions. A tailored approach ensures alignment between the board's vision and the candidate's approach, ensuring a harmonious and effective working relationship.

Nonprofit recruitment aims to find candidates who are not only qualified but also committed for the long haul. Tailoring the recruiting process to emphasize long-term dedication helps reduce turnover and cultivates a dedicated workforce. We've explored the nuances of nonprofit recruiting. Now, we can begin diving deeper into tailored strategies that can address these unique needs and challenges. In Series 2, we'll discuss recruitment strategies using the power of purpose in attracting candidates to nonprofit organizations. Stay tuned as we embark on the next phase of “Mastering Nonprofit Recruitment”!

Need a little extra help recruiting for your nonprofit? Contact us at or 703-362-0175 to set up a time to discuss how our team can support your mission.


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