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5 Things Every Company Needs to Create a Meaningful Candidate Experience

Imagine you are a candidate interested in opportunities at your company. Your candidate’s experience starts with their first contact with your company. What experience do you want them to have? How do you want the candidate to feel as they interact with you. Here are 5 things to consider as part of your candidate experience:

1. Leverage Your Employer Brand

A company’s brand and reputation are important to candidates. Your brand shows candidates your business’ beliefs and mission. Reputation is everything! Candidates will share their experience. Ask a company who has bad reviews on Glassdoor to see how those reviews affect your recruiting.

2. Use Technology That Helps Not Frustrates Candidates

Technology is great until it isn’t. Your candidates will interact with your company using technology. Think of it as your store front. It should be visually pleasing, well maintained and user friendly. Career pages and job descriptions should paint a concise picture of what candidates will do and experience if they were in that role. It should also be informative enough for the candidate to research the company, check out current opportunities, and apply. The easier this process is for the candidate the better.

3. Optimize For Mobile

A user-friendly, speedy application process optimized for mobile is crucial. Candidates are searching and applying for jobs from anywhere and everywhere. Candidates will lose interest if the process gets too complicated or takes too much time and effort.

4. Communicate!!!!

Being responsive and contacting candidates quickly is critical in a tight labor market. If you automate your communication by phone, email and text messaging, remember to keep it human. Greet all candidates with a warm welcome and a genuine curiosity about who they are and what they are looking for in their next opportunity.

5. Be Human!

Once the candidate has applied or you have sourced them, this is where soft skills and emotional intelligence are essential. Be intentional about who your organization’s first points of contact will be for potential new hires. That person should be someone who lives your values and mission and can communicate that with candidates. Relationship building is vital during the candidate's interaction with your team. A candidate may not be a good fit for one role but could excel in another in the future. Getting to know candidates on a deeper level can keep them excited and talking about your company even if you don’t hire them.

The investment in your team is one of the largest purchases an organization makes. Shouldn’t we spend the time to make sure your candidate journey is first-class from start to finish? So, get ready to lay out the red carpet for your candidates. They will be excited and eager to learn more about what they can contribute to your organization’s mission and goals.

Have a question about your candidate experience? Could you use some help creating a meaningful experience? Feel free to schedule a call with one of our experts to learn how TalentRemedy can help you with your candidate experience.


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