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5 Smart Reasons to Have a Trusted Recruiting Partner

Today's world is ever evolving and technology at times feels as though it is moving faster than we are. We can all agree that keeping up with innovation is a wise choice for any industry.

A trusted recruiting partner can benefit an organization in many ways. They keep up with innovative business processes, talent trends, and technology. A trusted partner stays connected and educated on current recruiting trends, job market projections, and recruiting technology and innovation. Here are 5 ways a trusted recruiting partner can help you fill positions.

1. Navigating Change

HR Teams must manage business fluctuations in any innovative organization. The workload fluctuates based on different cycles. These could be open enrollment, performance management, FMLA on your team, and vacations. Not to mention different seasons of attrition and growth. A trusted recruiting partner is ready and available to assist you at any time, for any length of time. They are also familiar with your business and culture and can quickly begin a search.

2. Confidential Searches

There are times in business when organizations need to handle a search confidentially. There are several reasons a confidential search might be necessary. Pending resignations, leadership changes or potential business growth are a few. With a trusted recruiting partner, you can keep the anonymity that you desire. Recruiting partners also have access to passive candidates and other resources to fill your position. 3. Passive candidates

There is a huge value in the passive candidate. Passive candidates are not searching for a new job and have not responded to a job posting. Through different methods of sourcing and engaging their network, recruiting partners can access these candidates and increase and diversify your candidate pool. 4. Recruiting Engagement

Knowing the organization's culture, hiring trends, and staff makes the ramp-up time shorter. When you don’t have a trusted recruiting partner it can set you back weeks, even months while you vet recruiting partners and negotiate rates for your outstanding projects. Having these agreements and relationships in place will save time and increase efficiency. Trusted partners develop a deep knowledge of the organization and its staff to identify candidates that would fit well into your culture.

5. Efficiency

The time to fill, cost per hire, quality of hire and attrition rate influence how efficient your recruiting process is. Having a trusted recruiting partner can increase efficiency in these areas. Your recruiting partner's knowledge of your organization facilitates a great candidate experience. Recruiting is one of the most important processes an organization engages in. The people of the organization drive who an organization is and how much success it enjoys. It makes good business sense to have a trusted recruiting partner. This relationship maximizes access to the best candidates possible to strengthen your team. A recruiting firm can be a great partner in achieving this goal, helping you find the best people for your team while embracing diversity and creating a positive work environment for everyone.

Interested in learning more about how TalentRemedy can become your trusted recruiting partner? Contact us at or 703-362-0175 to set up a time to discuss how our team can support you.


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