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4 Essential Things Employees Need to Feel Supported and Engaged 

By Caitlin O’Brien 


Today's workplaces are ever-changing and competitive. Companies must understand how important it is to make sure employees are happy. After the pandemic, things shifted, and what employees want has changed. 

Let's look at how ensuring your employees feel supported and engaged can improve retention and productivity.  

  1. Find the Right Balance Between Flexibility and Working Together  


The pandemic made us change how we work. More people are working from home or mixing it up between home and the office. The line between work and personal life began to blur. Now more than ever employees are looking for companies to be flexible and adaptable. Want employees to feel trusted and in control? Give them options like working from home or choosing their hours. Employees also value a sense of security and support from their company and team. For example, people want to feel encouraged to take time off if an emergency comes up.   


2. Personalize Benefits to Find a Fit for Everyone  


When considering a position, salary is no longer the most important factor. Candidates are considering the whole compensation package, including benefits, perks, and company culture. It's crucial for companies to offer benefits that fit what employees need and want. Personalized benefits are one way. Give various healthcare choices, parental leave, and wellness options. This shows that a company cares about its employees as individuals. More companies are also including gym memberships and/or volunteer days off. Mental health benefits are also in demand. Consider offering subscriptions to online therapists like Better Help.   


3. Ensure Job Security for Peace of Mind 


Job security is a big concern for many employees. This is especially true after the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic and recent layoffs. Providing a sense of stability and assurance in their roles contributes to their sense of well-being. One way to do this is by being transparent about the company's strategy and plans. Keep employees informed about the organization's goals, performance, and any potential changes. This helps build trust and reduces anxiety about their jobs.  


4. Establish Clear Career Paths for Growth Opportunities  


Employees want to know there's room to grow in their jobs. Companies can help by showing clear paths for moving up in the organization. This gives employees goals to work towards and helps them feel valued. Several options include offering programs like mentorship, regular performance reviews, and extra training. When employees see that their company supports their career goals, they're more likely to stick around and work hard. When employees feel stuck or undervalued, they are much more likely to begin searching for new opportunities. Supporting employees in reaching their career goals means businesses not only retain top talent but also create a motivated and ambitious workforce. Who doesn't want a workforce committed to the long-term success of the company? 


In the end, making sure employees are happy and engaged is essential for your company’s success. Be flexible, care about your employees' well-being. Offer benefits that fit with what employees need. This is how companies can create a positive and motivating work environment. The key to retention and employee engagement is building a workplace where people feel excited, innovative, inspired, and supported.  


How are you supporting your employees? Let us know in the comments what you're doing to ensure your team feels supported. 


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